Colonia del Sacramento

Our first stop in Uruguay was the small, historic gem of Colonia del Sacramento. In the three days we spent in town we never tired of simply wandering the cobbled streets, soaking in the charming atmosphere, and taking pictures of everything.

Upon arrival in Colonia, we welcomed ourselves to the country with a bottle of Uruguayan wine, which for us just wasn’t quite as good as Argentina’s wine (or as cheap). Then we meandered the old city down to the river front where we watched a yacht sail between us and the river island. On Easter Sunday, we went to the oldest church in Uruguay, and then spent the rest of the day sipping coffee, exploring more in the old neighborhood, and eventually venturing into the more “modern” area of the city.

Overall, even though we were in Colonia during Uruguay’s Tourism Week, the town still felt very laid back and relaxing. The old part of the city reminded us of a smaller Cartagena, Colombia, while we felt the rest of the town didn’t really offer too many other activities for the tourist. This being the case, we decided to leave on our third day for the capital city of Montevideo.


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