South America

Dominated by the Andes Mountains and Amazon Rainforest, South America if filled with both history and adventure. While there are many places to travel in the world, if you are looking for outdoor adventures, consider visiting South America. You can hike the Incan Trail to Machu Picchu, tour the timeless glaciers of Patagonia, see the Galapagos Island like Darwin, and explore the endless Amazon Rainforest. This continent is largely unexplored by the Western traveler, yet has so much to offer.

After hatching a crazy plan to travel through six South American countries in two months, the travel bug got the best of us and a two month trip turned into a thirteen month adventure. We backpacked through Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, ChileArgentina, Uruguay, all the way up the coast of Brazil to Natal to watch a World Cup match.

Read about our travel on this incredible continent below. Don’t forget to spread the word and check back regularly.


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