Who We Are:

We are Adam and Anna, a couple from the USA that are always awaiting adventure. We love trying new things and experiencing new cultures. Anna loves languages and food. Adam loves outdoor adventures and meeting new people.

Where We’re From:

The United States of America, specifically a suburb west of Chicago, IL.

When It Began:

Adam originally created this handy site to keep our friends and family posted on our whereabouts and experiences as we traveled through South America.

Why We Travel:

Since inception we’ve tweaked this website to provide inspiration and information on places we have been and places we want to go. We simply love traveling and adventure. The world has so many things to show and teach us and there are so many adventures out there just waiting to be had. Join us as we travel the globe to find unique experiences and share our love of travel with you, our readers.

How To Find Us:

Email: awaitingadventure2@gmail.com

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